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Burke: That's why Teddy will never be Rushmore and Trump

With Tom Burke Column Herald President Theodore Roosevelt said: “We are a government of freedom, through and under the law. No one is over it, and there is no man…

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The first high-tech smart care home in North America for patients with dementia and Alzhemier's being built in Hamilton t

Hamilton will be a high-tech home to 48 residents of dementia and Alzheimer's in his first person in North America who says the engineer developed the concept of a model…

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Brand Fujimi 1 350 Jumbo Ship Submarine

NEW DELHI: The domestic stock market changed one step ahead and two steps back this week. There was still concern about world trade war and so the crisis in the…

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According to Rio Rancho's law it is illegal to wear snow balls

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For many people, the winter weather and day off is the perfect combination for fighting in the snow, but in New Mexico city alone, throwing the snow against the law.…

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Tornado left its focus down near City of Mound, Missouri, a half-mile damage path Kansas City Star t A tornado which touched near Mound City, Missouri, was rated by EF-0,…

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Why Kim Kardashian Was Back to the White House

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Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images Lawyer-to-be Kim Kardashian back to the White House to announce a rideshare program for people coming out of prison. Family, family, and visiting families.…

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BRAND NEW IN BOX Lionel 2015 Dealer Boxcar 6-81497

EVENTS 10:45 AM PDT 6/12/2019 by Rhonda Richford The film used Apocalypse Now; and Breaking Bad & # 39; as influences on creating a new animation technique. On Wednesday, Netflix…

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The Black Godfather grew; Netflix in Clonard, attended Dudley High School | Entertainment

GREENSBORO – In the trailer to the new Netflix documentary "The Black Godfather," tells compelling figures in entertainment, in sport and politics how Clarence Avant, who once walked Dudley High…

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Rapper T.I. and Atlanta church work to eliminate extreme imprisonment

ATLANTA – Music artist T.I. His voice is being lent to a project involving the home church of the late Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta. Ebenezer Baptist Church plans…

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